A reconhecida revista britânica Inside Marine realiza matéria especial sobre a CSL

CSL na Inside Marine, reconhecida revista britânica do setor naval

A revista Inside Marine é uma reconhecida revista britânica do segmento marítimo que informa as mais recentes tecnologias, aquisições, fusões e demais oportunidades do setor. Na edição do mês dezembro foi feita uma matéria especial sobre a CSL.

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Showing us the Ropes

Brazil’s CSL believes we are witnessing a revolution in rope design. Tina Lofthouse found out more about how the manufacturer of synthetic rope solutions is meeting the challenges. 

Having started life manufacturing cables for utilities companies in the 1920s, CSL has grown and evolved and today employs over 200 people focussed on the business of developing high performance ropes for a diverse range of applications. This includes everything from deepwater and marine mooring, to lifting and lowering ropes that are as strong as steel but seven times lighter.

 Alexandre Abu-Jamra, the company’s CFO, and Export Manager Daniel Wiklicky, described how the company has developed.  “In the 1960s, the company started manufacturing ropes with synthetic fibres and we directed our efforts towards the marine market. By the 1970s, we became world pioneers in rope design, such as developing 12-strand ropes up to 144m in diameter,” said Mr Abu-Jamra. “We then developed our expertise in deepwater mooring, designing a polyester rope solution together with Petrobras that became an industry standard, and still is.”

CSL’s main customers today are oil and gas companies, either for deepwater platform mooring, ship mooring or SPM hawsers. The Latin American shipping industry also plays a very important role in terms of revenue for the business. The company operates five divisions – deepwater mooring, marine mooring, SPM Hawsers, lifting and lowering synthetic ropes, and niche rope markets, which include specific brands such as Polaris (work at heights), Titan (fishing), CSL Nautica (yachting and recreational marine) and Pata Negra (recreational off-road).

While the company notes that each division is of equal importance, it is expecting to achieve growth with deepwater oil platform mooring, with exploration and production increasingly moving that way. “We moved out of the deepwater mooring business in 2007. This year, we are coming back. It will require a great deal of effort but there is enormous potential as investments continue to sustain the growth of deepwater oil development. Next year, we will open a new plant dedicated to this market,” said Mr Wiklicky to Inside Marine.

Customer-Driven R&D

Competition is increasing in rope manufacturing, but CSL does not seem fazed, believing its advantage lies in its more targeted, technical approach.  “Competition is growing, particularly in Asia that efficiently supplies the world with mass products , but we focus on markets that perceive value in high technology and reliability, and try to keep ourselves one step ahead by continually innovating,” said Mr Abu-Jamra to Inside Marine.

But while R&D plays a vital role in driving the company forward, it is done in a very targeted way, driven by customers’ needs. “It’s easy to waste R&D resources on low impact solutions if you are not very close to your customers. Only by strengthening this relationship can you understand their most important pain-points and needs,” added Mr Wiklicky. “Only when that is clarified should resources be applied. It might sound obvious, and obvious doesn’t necessarily mean easy, but we understand that the only way we meet the evolving requirements of the marketplace is being very close to the marketplace and deeply understanding their requirements so we don’t waste resources on pointless efforts.”

 The company also believes that while innovation is crucial, it shouldn’t bring complexity“We are always trying to eliminate unnecessary complexity out of processes and solutions. In our experience, putting that to work properly is hard, but very powerful,” Mr Wiklicky said to Inside Marine.

 Encouraging Next Generation Innovators

Innovation and entrepreneurship are clearly big drivers for CSL and to that end the company sponsors local initiatives to encourage these qualities in society more generally. “CSL is involved in a local initiative called Ciclo Empreendedor, which is dedicated to educate and connect local entrepreneurs. This initiative has already made a big impact on the lives of more than a 150 local entrepreneurs and on more than 2,000 people if you count their employees,” said Mr Abu-Jamra.“We also encourage local business schools to come to what we call a CSL class, where they can see our activities, particularly our strategic decisions and their rationale, showing concepts that students learn in class applied to our day-to-day business. It is still in its infancy but we have already had almost 600 students attend one of those classes.”

As for the company’s future plans, CSL sees itself exploring new markets and making a big effort to be first movers. Mr Abu-Jamra concluded: “The ropes world is living a revolution with new fibres starting to conquer an important space that have been fulfilled by other products before – steel products mostly. Our main challenge is to identify the most important applications for ropes that are not on our or our competitors’ radars. We have to be quick and we have to be efficient. That’s a huge challenge but we love that.”


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